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Bowen Therapy Training and Online Learning

Online Bowen Learning Resource

Learn Bowen Therapy Online from as little as $19.50 a month or buy lifetime access.

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Private Bowen Therapy Training

Become qualified in Bowen Therapy through 'one on one' in class or Skype training.

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Bowen Therapy Certificate Level Course

Learn how to do a Bowen Body Balance which can teach you how to help relieve 70-80% of the common physical aches and pains people suffer from.

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Bowen Therapy Diploma Level Course

Learn Bowen Therapy to practitioner level with our Diploma Course. This course covers advanced Bowen Therapy Techniques and procedures.

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Australia and Internationally Recognised


Are you an existing Remedial Therapist in Australia? You can earn CPE (continued points of education) by completing any of our courses, including the online versions. Click here for more info.


If you are from Australia, NZ, Europe, UK, Canada or USA you can obtain your insurance with IICT from student to practitioner level. For more info you can visit our insurance page.


Insurance House is another valuable and competitive insurance option for our qualified Australian students.


Students from Canada? Obtain your insurance with Canada Yoga Alliance or the Preventative Health Services Group.

Our Bowen Therapy Courses

Integrated Bowen Therapy (IBT) offer two levels to becoming a highly trained Bowen Practitioner. With IBT Bowen Therapy training facilities you can become qualified in as little as 2-3 months. Our courses are being continually developed to make the Bowen Training experience a more fun and practical way to learn !



The Bowen Therapy Certificate course will give you the skills to use Bowen Therapy to successfully treat up to 80% of physical aches and pains people suffer from. Because Bowen Therapy is so easy to apply, we have developed a course that makes it just as easy and fun to learn. Over the course of IBT Certificate you will learn roughly 30 Bowen Technique procedures. These are taught in a sequence called the Bowen Body Balance. All these moves can also be applied individually and can be safely and effectively combined with many other modalities.

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Our Integrated Bowen Therapy diploma course gives you a more comprehensive set of procedures to address chronic and less common issues that may not be addressed as quickly or precisely with the techniques taught in the certificate course. Some of the more complex procedures you will learn include, coccyx procedure, pelvic procedure, TMJ procedure for jaw and related issues, ankle procedure, wrist and hand procedures, asthma and abdominal procedures and many more.

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Bowen Therapy Training Options

At Integrated Bowen Therapy we understand that everyone likes to do things differently and that each person runs on their own schedule and often cannot be in the same place we are. That is why we offer a variety of different training options so that at least one will always suit you no matter where in the world you are.

Bowen Therapy Training Options

Online Bowen Therapy Training

All of our students get access IBT's online training portal on enrolment. For those students who wish to complete our courses but who are unable to attend in person we also offer on person Skype training for guidance and assessment to become a qualified Bowen Practitioner. The online portal also gives students the opportunity to complete their training at their own pace, during their own time, and as quickly or slowly as they wish to complete the training program. Full course material, videos, demonstrations and other useful information are made available to you via your own personal online portal and of course we are always here to offer assistance.

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Group Workshops

Our group workshop training option provides a fantastic opportunity for those who like to learn in a classroom type situation. You will be learning from others and sharing questions, insights, and knowledge. Every day includes discussion about the topics and procedures, enabling you to engage and and ask questions that may arise. Plus there will be hands-on practice on each other – so you are able to develop your skills even further by practicing on multiple people all learning the course together.

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One On One Training

One-on-One training can be provided in Newport NSW (the northern beaches area of Sydney), Tweed Heads QLD, and sometimes in other areas around Australia on special request and where discussed with us prior to booking your training. One-on-One training provides you full attention of the teacher throughout the duration of the course, and enables completion of your training in as little as 1 or 2 days depending on the course. After these in-person days all you need to do to become qualified is to complete the assessment material!

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Quality assured training


Comprehensive System

No matter how you choose to train, whether it be one-on-one training, online, or in a group situation, a vast array of information booklets, instructional videos, demonstration videos, charts and images, and other helpful and useful questions and information links are provided to you via your online portal to which you have 24/7 access. Everything you could possibly need for your Bowen Therapy training, and then for your own information and ongoing reference once you have completed the course, are available in this comprehensive and easy to access system via the Integrated Bowen Therapy website.

Qualifications & Insurance

Once you have completed your coursework and hands-on practice you can be assessed by us and awarded with your Certificate or Diploma qualification. Once you have received your qualification you are able to become insured as a Bowen Therapist and begin working with your own clients. We have a number of recommended insurance companies that we use, depending on the country in which you live or practice, so you can speak to us or look on our FAQs page to find out the company that will be the most appropriate and relevant to you.

High Standard of Training

It is through extensive learning and our experience treating our clients that we have developed our own learning system that provides you with the highest possible form of factual and intuitive training available. We do not teach a routine form of Bowen Therapy; we teach you to really be able to be aware of each individual client and their own personal issues in order to tailor your treatments to them. In this way you will become confident that regardless of the problem at hand or the person you are treating, the treatment you give them WILL help them because it will be intuitively tailored to their body.

Why Study With US



I’ve never felt more empowered!!

Since Bronson helped me through in achieving my qualifications in IBT, my bodywork techniques have become more specialised and much more effective covering a wider array of specific health conditions for my ever growing number of clients.

New people are being referred to me constantly because with my new IBT knowledge, I’m getting great results! I’ve never felt more empowered as a bodywork practitioner and find that I’m helping clients where Chiro’s, Physio's, Myo’s and your standard Remedial Therapists couldn’t…

Thanks Bronson, you and IBT have completely changed my practice!

Steve McNamara
Remedial Therapist and recently qualified IBT Practitioner.


I became attracted to Bowen Therapy because of the relaxation that I felt within my muscles, relieving tension within my entire body, particularly in my lower back, where I previously had an injury.

Learning Bowen Therapy through Integrated Bowen Therapy was an amazing experience. The ‘one on one’ training, with the online material, really worked well for me as I could learn at my own pace. Then the teachers pure focus made helped me advance through the training really quickly.

I now incorporate yoga and Bowen together through out my yoga class as well as offering it as a separate service. I find that when I apply Bowen Therapy during a restorative poses and at the end of the class whilst talking through Savasana, it helps deepen the relaxation and further the healing.

Applying Bowen Therapy is also very therapeutic on the practitioner in a similar way to teaching Yoga Asanas.  Helping people in this stressful environment we live in today is a really nice feeling. If you are a Yoga Asana teacher I would highly recommend learning Bowen Therapy and incorporating it into your classes.  Your students will love it.

Darlene Fletcher

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