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Bronson Bertschinger

Bronson Bertschinger Teacher

Bronson Bertschinger is an Australian practicing Bowen Therapist and Instructor, who was trained by a close family friend of the Bowen family, Robert Haines. It took Bronson nearly 2 years to find the right Bowen Therapy teacher and that search ended with Robert.  Robert’s extensive knowledge on the various teachings and forms of Bowen Technique and his vast experience as a practitioner turned Bronson’s perspectives about the therapy completely on it’s head! and as they say in the classics, the rest, is indeed IBT history!

Bronson’s personal account is that he is incredibly fortunate to have been trained in Bowen Therapy by Robert Haines. Bronson’s major reason is a pretty simple one and in his own words,

“Robert is most likely one of the very few teachers and practitioners of Bowen Therapy in the world that have been trained and have a comprehensive understanding of most of the current disciplines of Bowen Therapy around today.”

Robert, who is also a close relation to Tom Bowen’s family, was fortunate enough to have been treated by Tom Bowen himself as a boy, and later in his life, Robert had the honour of humbly returning the favour by treating members of Tom Bowen’s family, with the very therapy he’d learned that bears Tom Bowen’s name.

After 20 years of experience in practicing and teaching for other schools of Bowen Therapy, Robert decided to develop and teach his own courses in the technique. This vast amount of knowledge and experience was then in turn, passed onto Bronson.

Together, Bronson and Robert began developing teaching and treatment methods, which have helped to push the evolution of Bowen Therapy further into the 21st century and from this, their collaborative development of IBT.

Robert has currently chosen to focus on other personal pursuits, and in doing so, has passed the ‘mantle’ to Bronson, who is now the sole director of Integrated Bowen Therapy.

Bronson now sees it as his goal to pass on the profound modality of Bowen Therapy to as many people as he can and has so far been able to reach students in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Mexico and Indonesia.

Bronson had over 10 years of teaching and practicing both Massage ( and Physical therapy previous to meeting Robert, which made it easy for Bronson to pick up Bowen Therapy. The real ground breaking discovery for Bronson was the realisation of how perfectly beneficial and complimentary the Bowen Technique is, when it is used in conjunction with massage practice.


Bronson was simply amazed at the powerful results he was obtaining for clients from Bowen Therapy with simple application, compared to the other techniques he specialised in across his extensive bodywork career. Because of this Bronson became very passionate to start teaching Bowen Therapy

He found many of the procedures of Bowen Therapy could be utilised to make massage treatments much less taxing on the practitioner’s body and can assist in successfully treating many more issues and conditions than one typically can, with massage treatments alone.

Bronson quickly came to realise that Bowen Therapy is easy to combine effectively with other modalities without causing harm or diluting the very powerful affects of the technique. He believes there is a large perceptional ‘gap’ in this particular understanding and use of the therapy and is very excited to share this dynamic approach with new students and seekers of more effective ways to practice Bowen Therapy.

This is where the concept of Integrated Bowen Therapy was born and IBT prides itself in teaching students how to integrate Bowen Therapy into your bodywork and combine it with other modalities that you currently practice.

Robert’s 20 years of  Bowen Therapy experience taught him that this dynamic approach can be applied with and also without a ‘wait’ or ‘response time’  and can still bring about equal to and even greater results for clients, as more issues or conditions can be addressed in the one Bowen Therapy treatment.

It’s this important component of the technique that makes Integrated Bowen Therapy the dynamic, effective and modern modality it is.

Bronson's qualifications and experience include:

  • Diploma Bowen Therapy - Robert Haines
  • Bowen Instructor since 2010
  • Advanced Diploma Raynor Massage - Brandon Raynor
  • Massage Instructor since 2008
  • Former General Manager and Head Teacher for Brandon Raynor's Massage School
  • Dorn Spinal Technique - Barbara Simon
  • Myofascial Release - Michael Stanborough Education Group
  • Certificate Eastern Cupping and Western Cupping - Bruce Bentley
  • Thai Massage


Robert Le Page-Haines - Mentor To Bronson Bertschinger and Initial Co-Founder of Integrated Bowen Therapy

Robert Le Page-Haines

Robert Haines (Formerly Robert Le Page-Haines)

Initial Co-Founder of Integrated Bowen Therapy and Bronson's Mentor of Bowen Therapy

Back in the early 70's Rob started conducting training sessions in the personal development field. It was then that he identified the connection between how people think and their state of health. For many years he felt frustrated because while he was able to help people at a mental level, he had no way of addressing their physical aches and pains. This dilemma was later resolved when he was introduced to Bowen Therapy. As a teenager he was treated by the late Mr Tom Bowen (the originator of what today is referred to as Bowen Therapy) which came about as a result simply of Tom being a close family friend. Tom was a gifted healer and did amazing work with many thousands of patients a year from all over Australia. Tom died in 1982 and Rob thought his work had passed away with him. Fortunately he had taught a very carefully selected 6 men his technique and that led to Rob's learning Bowen Therapy in 1993. He has progressed through a variety of training methods since then, building his experience and knowledge in Bowen Therapy and Bodywork exponentially in humans and also in animals.

Robert's qualifications and experience include:

  • Bowen Therapy training with Bowtech
  • Member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA)
  • Chironic Healing - Trevor Creed
  • Advanced Equine Muscle Release Therapy (Bowen on Horses)
  • Advanced Neurostructural Integration Technique - Melbourne Applied Health Services
  • President of the Bowen Therapists Association of Victoria (BTAV)
  • Fascial Kinetics
  • Bowen Therapy for Horses Level 1 and 2 - Kelda Lea Bowen Therapy Centre
  • Smart Bowen Therapy Level 3 - Kelda Lea Bowen Therapy Centre
  • Registered instructor for Smart Bowen Therapy for people and horses
  • Bowen Lymphatic Drainage technique
  • Representative on the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA)
  • Continual study of the mind and body for over 35 years